Mark Drakeford: Wales’s First Minister to quit Senedd at next election


Mark Drakeford: Wales's First Minister to quit Senedd at next election

The first minister of Wales has said he will quit the Senedd at the next election, Sky News understands.

Mark Drakeford has been the Senedd member for the constituency of Cardiff West since 2011.

He has previously indicated he will step aside as first minister before the next election in 2026.

But the senior Labour figure has now confirmed he will leave Welsh politics.

The announcement comes after Mr Drakeford said the Welsh government was facing its “toughest financial situation” since devolution.

He said ministers would spend the summer considering where savings could be made but his government would prioritise public services while “targeting support” at those who need it most.

Mark Drakeford: Wales's First Minister to quit Senedd at next election

Mr Drakeford had been visiting Welsh cultural festival, the National Eisteddfod, in Boduan, Gwynedd, on Wednesday.

Mark Drakeford: Welsh government facing ‘toughest financial situation’ since devolution

“I’ve had a really great day here at the Eisteddfod,” he said in a video on social media.

“A long day and a busy day, but a day full of things to enjoy.”

His wife, Clare Drakeford, died suddenly in January and the weeks after her death were “incredibly difficult” for the first minister.

He recently outlined his priorities over the next 12 months, including increasing the number of Senedd members from 60 to 96.

The Welsh Conservatives have called those plans “out of touch”.

Mr Drakeford was elected leader of Welsh Labour and first minister in 2018, succeeding Carwyn Jones.

He had previously served as the Welsh government’s health, Brexit and finance ministers under Mr Jones.


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