Japan sweeps gold on Day 2 of Osaka Grand Slam


Japan sweeps gold on Day 2 of Osaka Grand Slam

The second day of the Osaka Grand Slam was the day of the home nation, with Japan taking gold medals in all four categories.

At 70kg Japan’s Yoko Ono looked strong in the eliminations – keeping her Olympic ambitions alive.

In the final, she took on four-time Grand Slam winner Kim Polling, denying the Dutch star back-to-back Grand Slam wins on the IJF World Judo Tour.

Ono out-worked her opponent on the ground and caught Polling with shime-waza in Golden Score.

Her medal was presented by Mr. Vladimir Barta, IJF Head Sport Director.

“I just focused on doing my own judo,” Ono said. “I wanted to make sure i was focused on doing my own techniques and that i would apply the pressure, not her. I wasn’t thinking about what she was doing, or her strategy, i just focused on my own game plan.”

Ono Yoko keeps Olympic ambitions alive

Man of the Day

Always a hotly contested category, the -73’s did not disappoint.

Three-time World Champion and double Olympic bronze medallist Masashi Ebinuma of Japan looked strong from the outset

A highlight being this uchi-mata against Sweden’s Tommy Macias.

On the opposite side of the draw, former World Champion Soichi Hashimoto was on fire all day, including a beautiful ippon on Haiti’s Philippe Abel Metellus.

And a lightning fast foot sweep against Italian Olympic champion Fabio Basile.

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@soichi_hasimoto beats Olympic Champion Fabio Basile at his own game – a beautiful footsweep brought the home crowd to their feet! . . . . . #JudoOsaka #Judo #Ippon ©️ IJF Media Team – Robin Willingham

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Sochi Hashimoto takes down Fabio Basile

In the final, Ebinuma took advantage of a weak attack from his teammate to secure a hold down for ippon in Golden Score, to claim his first Grand Slam title since moving up a weight to -73kg and become our Man of the Day.

Judo Osaka Day 2

“Well, the past 5 or 6 tournaments, all I’ve been winning is silver medals,” Ebinuma said after taking gold. “And I just felt that I really didn’t want another silver medal, and so for that reason I was able to remain emotionally and physically strong throughout the match.”

Osaka Grand Slam Crown

Masako Doi retained her Osaka Grand Slam crown at the expense of newcomer Nana Kota as the hosts won all four medals in the -63kg category.

Her medal was presented by IJF Education and Coaching Director Mohammed Meridja.

Move of the Day

Silver medalist Kim Polling did produce our move of the day, a monumental ura-nage on former world champion Chizu Arai.

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@kimpolling is annihilating the competition today! Former World Champion Arai couldn’t stop her . . . #JudoOsaka #Judo #Ippon

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Move of the Day from Kim Polling

Her Dutch team mate Frank de Wit was also thrilled to win a first Grand Slam medal in over a year with this, unusual counter attacking piece of judo, taking his Japanese opponent and the crowd by surprise.


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