Bed Bath & Beyond closings: What you need to know about coupons, returns and gift cards


Bed Bath & Beyond closings: What you need to know about coupons, returns and gift cards

Bed Bath & Beyond Inc. expects to close approximately 60 stores in the coming months. (Photo: Bed Bath & Beyond)

Is my Bed Bath & Beyond closing?

That’s unknown or at least not being shared publicly at this time. Bed Bath & Beyond Inc. told USA TODAY in a statement that it is “not providing any further details of these store closings at this time.”

When are stores expected to close?

Officials said most of the closings would take place in the company’s fourth quarter, which is after the holidays in early 2020.

Is anything changing with coupons?

In July, officials said additional exclusions were recently added to coupons. When closing locations are announced, it is likely that coupons will stop being accepted at those locations.

Should I use my gift card?

Nothing is changing at this time, but experts typically suggest that you take gift cards out of your wallet and drawers and put them to use ASAP.

What about returns?

The company, previously known for having one of the most lenient return policies, has updated its policy several times in recent years. One of the biggest overhauls was in 2015, when returns without receipts had 20% deducted, and previously a time frame was not listed for most returns. In 2018, the policy changed to one year on most items, and that changed again earlier this year to 180 days. Also today, a receipt or item lookup using a credit card is required in most instances.

Will more stores close in the future?

It’s possible. During Wednesday’s meeting, interim CEO Mary Winston said the company is using a “fleet optimization program for all Bed Bath & Beyond stores to create a better balance between our physical and digital presence within the markets we serve.” Winston noted “more than 400 leases across all concepts expiring over the next couple of years.”

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